Welcome to VC Baracchi

Velo Club Baracchi welcomes new members, whether they wish to compete in events of any kind or not!  There is no pressure to race.Velo Club Baracchi was founded as a racing club in 1978 and is based in Lowestoft in North Suffolk.  Members compete across the Eastern Region and beyond in Time Trials and we promote open time trials of our own (though not presently club events).  Club members are welcome in the club events organised by other clubs, as well as in open events if they enter for those in advance.  See the CTT website for details of the procedure.

A road racing team has been re-created, members are racing successfully and it is hoped that this will grow.  Our club has re-entered this area of the sport again in keeping with previous strong traditions of road racing.  Read our News and you will see these developments. Velo Club Baracchi rejoined the Eastern Road Racing League in 2016 and has run two successful road races on a Ringsfield course that we devised.  Our Regional B road race under BC Regulations (3rd and 4th cats) went ahead again on July 21 2019 and we will stage this again in 2020.  Membership of the ERRL gives our riders priority with other ERRL clubs over non-member applicants for places in road races in the region.