Many of our members belong to an informal group called the Wrinklies, which is not a club activity as such.  On most Tuesday and Friday mornings, at 9am, the Wrinklies set off from Carlton Colville church for 30 to 50 or so miles in Suffolk and often Norfolk too.  The wind direction often governs the destination of the ride, to return with some wind assistance if it’s possible.

You don’t have to be a club member to join these rides even though the majority of riders there do belong to the club and it’s a good way into the leisure riding side of the sport, with some navigation skills in our huge web of country lanes added in.  Usually the Wrinklies are considerate and don’t drop anyone far from home!  They are generally no-drop rides, especially with anyone new.

Don’t rely on there being a group there every Tesday and Friday but there’s a good chance and you would be welcome.  The name comes from the fact that many riders are retired, to have the time in the week to ride, but in reality they don’t have that many wrinkles on show, we think!

The Wrinklies meet up for a ride in February 2024