Personal bests for Titch (and he’s not the only one)

In the Godric CC 10-mile club time trial last week Mark “Titch” Richards cut his personal best time down massively to 22:28.

Chris Womack pins Titch's number on

Paul Dennington rode yet another personal best, though his improvement was just one second, to 22:17.

Dennington ready to ride

Keith Wink rode his very first time trial and everyone expected a good result, but nothing as impressive as the 25:39 that he achieved.

Keith Wink

The other VCB solo times were George Kerridge 23:14, Chris Womack 24:38, Mark Womack 25:06, John Dupen (riding “old school”) 25:41, Richard Allen 28:26 and John Thompson 28:49.

The fastest rider was Stuart Pryce of Strada Sport in 21:39.

John Swanbury and Ali Banks Rode the tandem and equalled their 2012 joint personal best time of 22:34.  The Anglia Velo pair, Jim Burgess and Simon Scott, rode theirs in 20:42.

Ali Banks

Richards went on to cut his personal best down again to a remarkable 21:29 in the ECCA 10-mile event on dual carriageways near Newmarket.  Smashing so deeply into the 21-minute bracket was a great achievement.

In the Stowmarket & District CC open 10 on the A12 Wickham Market bypass Chris Womack achieved 24:38 and Thompson 28:08.

Thompson said, “It was hard going out in the southerly direction, which is much more uphill and longer.  It was certainly fast coming back, particularly as it is much more downhill.”

Ian McCluskey rode in 23:34 for Diss CC.  The winner was David McGaw (Cambridge CC) is 20:24, who Womack said, “came past me for 4 minutes like an express train!”

It has just been realised that the previous week’s Godric 10 (July 22) was billed as the VC Baracchi 10-mile championship.  This means that Richards is the club champion with the time of 22:50 that he achieved.

In last Thursday’s Gt Yarmouth CC club time trial at Somerleyton the VCB times were Richards 23:25, Mark Womack 25:50 and Richard Allen 28:59. Richards was in second place behind Ian Robertson of Tri-Anglia (22:40).

This Sunday’s Gt Yarmouth CC club 25-mile time trial at 9.30am is a Holmes Cup inter-club event with VCB, starting in Market Lane, Somerleyton (as per Thursday TTs but a bit further along the road).

Keith Wink, mentioned above, has been on many of the Tuesday and Friday 9am “Wrinklies” rides from Carlton Colville Church and has looked strong, but he has only recently been persuaded to try against the watch in a time trial.

The Wrinklies ride about 40 miles into Suffolk and Norfolk lanes and they welcome others to join them.  The rides are not especially fast but neither are they really for absolute beginners.

Mike Rainton, Keith Wink and the Wrinklies