Gentry wins Godric TT, Richards’ good ride, Dennington wins GYCC 10

Gentry in action

Gentry in action

In last week’s Godric CC 25-mile time trial on Tuesday at Earsham, Liam Gentry of VC Baracchi won in 55:41.

Rivalling him for the most impressive ride was VCB’s Mark Richards, who came second on a road bike in 56:40.DSC_0984

The third rider was Simon Scott of Anglia Velo in 57:15, with Dan Blackburn of VC Norwich fourth in 57:21.

George Kerridge of VCB was very happy to be under the hour in 59:52 and Dave Loynes had a strong ride in 1-01:42. VCB’s John Swanbury and Ali Banks riding the tandem were pleased with 57:50, their course best.

George Kerridge

George Kerridge

Dave Loynes

Dave Loynes

There go the tandem pair (all photos by Chris Womack - many thanks Chris!)

There go the tandem pair (all photos by Chris Womack – many thanks Chris!)

Paul Dennington had a great result and was the fastest in the Gt Yarmouth CC club 10 at Lound with 23:37, holding off a challenge by Andy Tyler of VC Cosmique (23:45).

Richard Allen of VCB rode in 30:13, so close to 20mph “evens” and VCB junior Josh Womack came in with 32:25.  Twenty-five rode.  Jenny Anderson of GYCC was the fastest lady in 27:51 in thirteenth place.

Chris Womack rode the RTTC national 100-mile time trial on a rolling course at Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees.   The first 50 miles were into a headwind and he tired somewhat on the last part of the return.  He achieved 4-42:03.

In the low key Lowestoft StreetVelodrome competition Richards won gold, with Jonny Hawes of Gt Yarmouth CC taking silver and Paul Hayward of VCB bronze.

Nick Esser and James Moore rode in the Ipswich Road Race for VCB on a 7-mile circuit with a fairly long hill to the finish.

Esser said, “Each lap a few riders would try to attack but the super-fast descent just before the hill approach, the hill itself and the crosswinds at the top of the circuit proved too difficult to get things rolling.”

The Stowmarket-based Fast Test team held things together and tried to line it out every lap on the hill.  At one point the bunch split in two for nearly a whole lap until the back half made it back on the descent.

Esser said, “The main Fast Test rider punctured with two laps to go and with that an Ipswich rider, Lyster Romero, rode off not to be caught again. As I found the hill quite hard I chose to ride for James and on the last lap I led it out in the crosswinds and on the descent to place him early at the foot of the hill. He attacked it at 1.5k to go and simply ran out of steam at 300 to go, to be overtaken by the galloping bunch.”

Richards and Gentry raced at Trinity Park but Gentry punctured and Richards’ placing was in the teens.

The VC Baracchi Ringsfield 47.5-mile road race for third and fourth cat riders takes place this Sunday on five laps of a course from Ringsfield crossroads going west to the A144, south to Hogg Lane and back through Redisham to Ringsfield.

Among the pre-entered fifty-one riders from many clubs are Kerridge, Loynes and Esser.

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