A good Velo Club Baracchi club run


Velo Club Baracchi riders enjoyed a sunny day on Sunday and the wind, mostly from the west, was not too strong but it helped quite a lot on the return to Lowestoft.

John Dupen is on the left

Many riders were out on the roads, and the 8.30am club run of about 65 miles passed quite a few travelling in the opposite direction.

Titch Richards and Ryan McGuire

The VCB riders set off to Halesworth as a group and arrived together, before setting off again for Wissett, Homersfield, up Dove Hill and further into South Norfolk to Goodies café near Pulham Market.

The revelation of recent rides has been new member Ryan McGuire, who has had no trouble at all slotting into the club cycling routine and is likely to try some time trials when the season starts.

Mark “Titch” Richards, who joined towards the end of last year and had an operation on his knee just before Christmas, is now riding really strongly and much is expected of him in time trials later on.

Two riders, Paul Dennington and John Dupen, went on ahead at a quicker pace but otherwise all arrived together and came back to ride on the A143 from  Harleston to Bungay and then up Annis Hill for the return route skirting to the south of Beccles.

John Cooper (nearest rider) on the return

John Thompson had a ride of his own, following an audax route to take photos for a publication.  After Bungay and Harleston he took a Waveney Valley route, eventually arriving at the Forge Tea Rooms at Thornham Magna Walks.

Always keen to fuel the muscles, John said, “I had another roast and the dessert this time was sticky toffee pudding and custard.”

After these gastronomic delights Thompson was set up for his return via Thorndon, Horham, Stradbroke, Cratfield, Rumburgh, Ilketshall St Lawrence, Redisham, Weston and Hulver.

Thompson had taken shorter rides on Wednesday and Friday on a similar mission to take photos and enjoy the café life.  He retired a few months ago and the extra leisure seems to suit him.

The local informal group known either as the Over the Hill Gang or the Wrinklies (not based on the Baracchi club but including a number of the members) enjoyed the usual two rides in the week.  The Tuesday one was a bit wet and Friday’s was better, though the rain set in just after 12 noon.

This month the rides all start at 10am from Carlton Colville church, reverting to 9am in March.

There go the Wrinklies!

The first local open time trial on some members’ radar is the CC Breckland 10-mile one on the B1108 near Hingham. 

Chris Womack is one of the riders who have entered and he will be hoping to start his season with a good ride.  In the same event last year he achieved 25:50, going on from that to achieve a stellar season in the warmer part of the year.