Audax riders have a better day

Last Saturday was an important winter cycling day for some local cyclists, with the “Norfolk Nips 3” 103.5km Audax.

Velo Club Baracchi members John Thompson, Mike Rainton Steve Cone and Liam Gentry rode, as did local rider Denis Glasscock.

The start and finish was at Hellesdon.  The ride progressed to the information control at Brisley and then to the main control at Syderstone village hall near Fakenham.  The return ride was via Gt Ryburgh, where there was an information control.

It was a very strong head wind to Syderstone, which was slightly under halfway and it made for a generally a good return, although far from being a direct tail wind.

Thompson took 5 hours and 9 minutes, which was nearly 1 hour quicker than previously in December’s icy conditions.  Mike Rainton rode with Denis Glasscock and they took 4 hours and 48 minutes.  Steve Cone got round in about five-and-a-half hours and Gentry’s time is not known but he would have been quick.

On Sunday Thompson rode the VC Norwich 100km reliability ride from Cromer Road, Hellesdon through Horsford Aylsham, Cromer, Holt, Thursford, back to Holt and then to finish at Horsford village hall.

He decided to go for four-and-a-half hours as a target because he knew he was feeling the effects of the previous day’s ride.  The riders took off at a pace that Thompson eventually could not match and he battled on alone until other riders caught up with him between Cromer and Holt.

He managed to stay with them comfortably until one of them punctured so he carried on alone, reporting afterwards on a wind that seemed to come from everywhere, offering little help for much of the distance.

There were two club groups out on Sunday, at 8.30am and 9am.  The wind was obviously much the same.  Rainton managed to complete 50 miles with the 9am group, some of whom enjoyed a tea stop and met up with others.

Some of the riders needed to be back early and took a shorter route.  Alex Blake, looking to compete more this year, worked a training schedule in with his ride and sacrificed the tea stop.