Brian Boxall sums up an outstanding year for VC Baracchi

At Velo Club Baracchi’s annual meeting the club’s year was summed up by club chairman Brian Boxall as absolutely outstanding.

He said that in the twenty-seven years or so during which he had been part of the club he had never known a season quite like this one.

The club had staged two 10-mile open time trials and one 50-mile one as well as a road race and had thus “done its bit” in putting on competitive events, while also providing through John Thompson’s efforts two reliability trials and also audaxes.

For the first time ever, the club’s riders had taken the first three places in an open time trial and the club’s welcome return to road racing had produced ten road racers, six of whom had earned points.

Twenty-two club members had ridden time trials in the year and eleven of these had bettered 25mph average, which now seemed quite routine.

Club records had fallen at 10, 25 and 50 miles thanks to Mark Richards, who was the first to complete a time trial at over 30mph, while in the short course best all-rounder competition he was only just under that average speed.

Chris Womack had broken the club’s veteran records at the same distances and had set a new record (under the current veteran age standards) in club’s veteran best all-rounder competition of +63:08.

Boxall said that he felt proud to be the chairman of such a club.

Nick Esser, who agreed to take the position of club coach, also outlined the plans for the club’s next road race under British Cycling rules on July 16, in which he is assisting the organiser Nicki Hawkes.

This will be a “Regional A” event, which means that the riders of categories 2, 3 and 4 will be able to enter and the race will be a longer one than the club staged this year, but also on the same Ringsfield course that the club had established.

The club’s second-cat riders will thus be able to ride and another fast race is expected on one of the flattest courses in the area.

He said the new DAP Cycling Club that had spun of the Gt Yarmouth CC would be using the same course for their road race on April 23 and there was scope for co-operation between the two clubs in staging their respective events.

Officers elected were Brian Boxall in dual roles as chairman and secretary (there being again no other taker for the latter), Mark Richards vice chairman, John Thompson treasurer and John Swanbury publicity officer.

The prize presentation is this Saturday at the Carlton PH from 7pm and the “Chairman’s Breakfast” ride the following day will be led by the vice chairman.

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