Dennington on form

Paul Dennington of Velo Cub Baracchi was the club’s most successful rider during last week and weekend with two local club event wins and a VCB club championship.

He won the Godric CC 10-mile club time trial on the Tuesday with 22:30, beating twenty-seven others.

Paul Hayward of VCB was only one second slower (22:31) and VCB’s Paul Reed rode a personal best 24:33

John Swanbury and Kate Churchill of VCB on the tandem set a new personal best and mixed tandem club record of 23:00, which was an improvement of 32 seconds on their time of three years ago.

In the Veteran Time Trials Association 10-mile time on the A143 from the western end of the Bungay bypass and turning at Clays roundabout, the VC Baracchi riders won the team award.

In veterans’ events the measure of success is the amount of time (known as a “plus”) by which the riders beat their age-related standard times and the three VCB veterans whose times counted were Dennington, Hayward and Swanbury. Their total plus was one second short of twelve minutes.

The actual VCB times were Dennington 22:15, Hayward 22:22, Ali Banks 25:11 and Swanbury 25:41.

The fastest rider on scratch and also on veteran standard was Andrew Grant of Cambridge CC whose 21:34 time was +6:40 on standard at age 65.

Local rider Denise Hurren of Sole Bay Cycle Sport was the best woman on standard with +5:39 from her 23:30 ride.

Dennington, Hayward and Mark Womack of VCB took part in Gt Yarmouth CC’s club 30-mile time trial on Sunday, which doubled as the VCB championship at this distance.

Dennington emerged the worthy winner of the championship and was also fastest overall in the whole event, in which there were ten riders.

Their times were Dennington 1-13:11, Hayward 1-16:16 and Womack 1-27:44. Johnathan Lincoln of GYCC won their Pendle Trophy with 1-15:33, beating Julian Claxton by just three seconds. Jenny Anderson was the sole lady rider with 1-25:29.

The Thursday GYCC 10-mile time trial last week was washed out by the deluge and the VCB Athlete’s Cup non-aero competition in this event was duly postponed a week.

The Tuesday and Friday “Wrinklies” rides at 9am from Carlton Colville church are currently well attended, with two groups of differing speeds and distances of 45 miles or so.

They are not club-based, are open to other riders and a visiting rider from Milton Keynes recently enjoyed one of the rides.


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