Good riding for VCB in the Godric CC Reliability Trial

A beautiful morning for cycling greeted the Velo Club Baracchi riders who took part in Godric CC’s 50-mile reliability trial on Sunday.

They rode out from Lowestoft to the headquarters at Broome village hall and will all have ridden mileages in the upper seventies.

As John Thompson commented, it was no surprise that the fastest VCB riders were Liam Gentry, Mark Richards and James Moore, who made short work of the fifty miles in 2 hours 11 minutes.

In the old days such a quick ride inside the normal parameters might well have resulted in disqualification but nowadays the early season reliability trials are used by racing men as part of their preparation, so the VCB riders would have been pleased with this speed.

Chris Womack, Nicki, George, David Loynes and Lucas He completed their 50 some ten minutes or so under three hours.

Paul Read started with them and came in later in about three hours and ten minutes.

Thompson started with the 4-hour group, which was slow at first and he was with them to Halesworth. There it “somehow split up” and after that he was on his own, arriving in “probably a splash over 3.5 hours.”

Kate Churchill and Jenny Anderson rode in a little group with two GYCC ladies and they completed their ride in three hours and forty-five minutes or thereabouts.

From Broome the route was to Bungay, Weybread, Halesworth, Beccles, Haddiscoe and Hales back to Broome.

Thompson said, “It was easy at first to about Metfield (approx. 12 miles) but after that the wind got up.  It was particularly hard along the A145 through Shadingfield to Beccles and then to Haddiscoe.  Mercifully it was tail wind from there, but tired legs prevented me from being able to make the most of it.”

With the right priorities, Thompson added, “Oh yes, there was another good spread of food at the finish!”

Alex He and Paul Dennington return with the Wrinklies

Alex He and Paul Dennington return with the Wrinklies

The non-club-based Wrinklies rides on Tuesday and Friday at 9am from Carlton Colville church also attracted good support last week.

The Wrinklies heading into the Saints

The Wrinklies heading into the Saints

Friday’s ride included VCB riders as usual and covered 40 miles through Brampton, Rumburgh, Homersfield, Bungay, St Andrew and also Ringsfield and Weston on the return.

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