Looking forward to GYCC’s open 10

Local riders in Velo Club Baracchi enjoyed a good club run on Sunday, covering around 50 miles on a circuit taking in Halesworth and Homersfield.

The informal “Wrinklies rides on Tuesdays and Fridays from Carlton Colville church, which include VCB members and others, have also been popular.

John Thompson, VCB’s audax and reliability trial enthusiast, had the unusual experience on Sunday of deciding not to complete the course in the Stevenage CTC’s “Start of Summertime Special” 210km Challenge Ride as he was not confident his legs were up to it.  In all he rode about 50 miles.

Gt Yarmouth CC’s open 10-mile time trial is well supported and the riders are hoping it will stay dry.

There are thirty-seven ladies on the start sheet and two junior male riders, including VCB’s top junior Lucas He, who is rumoured to have been training hard for the season.

Juniors compete as such right through the year in which they turn 18, so this year Lucas is in his last junior year, but with a degree of age advantage over some of the other juniors.

In addition there are nearly eighty senior and veteran male riders entered in the event, who include eight VCB members, Alex He, Paul Reed, Paul Wright, Chris Womack, John Swanbury, Mark Saunders, Stuart Chase and Paul Hayward.

The event takes place on the A143 road from the Redenhall end to Clays roundabout and back.  Local rider Mark Richards of Dap CC who previously rode for VCB is one of the seeded riders expected to do well on his return from training in Majorca.

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