Quality rides by VC Baracchi riders

John Dupen (photo: Jack Payne)


An impressive week of results for Velo Club Baracchi riders included quality rides by John Dupen, Paul Dennington and Chris Womack as well as strong rides by up-and-coming riders.

Chris Womack (Photo: Jack Payne)

John Dupen’s ride in Sunday’s VC Norwich open 25-mile time trial (on the A11 south of Attleborough) was one of the most notable, with a cracking time of 58:32, earning him second place in the veteran “B” category.

Chris Womack, faster than in last year’s version of this event, achieved 1-00:34 and first prize in the veteran “C” category.

John Thompson rode a little more strongly than of late with 1-12:01. Former VCB members Ian McCluskey, riding for Diss, and Mark Newnham ( Anglia Velo), achieved 1-00:11 and 1-03:28 respectively.

Joe Reynolds (Photo: Jack Payne)

The winner was Matthew Smith of Team VeloVelocity with 51:00 and James Trenchard of Godricc CC took second in 53:20.  The tandem team of Glenn Taylor (Shorter Rochford) and Mark Arnold (CC Desiragear) zipped round in 46:58.

In the VC Baracchi May Day open 10-mile time trial from Redenhall, the fastest of the VCB riders was Paul Dennington with a personal best of 22:37. He is aiming for a “21” this year.

The club times were Dennington 22:37, Dupen 23:13, Mark “Titch” Richards 24:01, Chris Womack 24:50, John Swanbury 25:05, Steve Summons 25:07, Mark Womack 26:10, Joe Reynolds 27:43 (PB), Steve Grant 27:57, John Thompson 28:54.

The winner was CC Desiragear’s Mark Arnold with 20:22 with Jim Burgess of Anglia Velo second in 20:59 and J Turner of Norwich ABC third in 21:49.  Dupen’s time earned a veteran age standard “plus” of +4:19 for second place behind Brian Davies of Anglia Velo (+4:27).

The event was headlined as the Jane Travers Memorial Trophy, for the ladies, which was won by Nicki Hawkes, riding for Team VeloVelocity.  She rode a course-best 25:53 and Jenny Anderson of Gt Yarmouth CC was second in 26:13.

In Saturday’s King’s Lynn CC open 10, Chris Womack achieved 24:35, which was 53 seconds better than last year, with Thompson at 28:54. Arnold won this one in 20:27, with Daniel Bloy of Kings Lynn CC second in 21:29 and Andre Dyason of Team Swift third in 21.55.

Some of the club’s riders achieved fast rides in last week’s Godric CC club 10.  Club times were John Dupen 22:34, Mark Richards 23:42, John Swanbury 24:27, Chris Womack 24:47, Mark Womack 26:10 and John Thompson 28:35.  The winner was Jim Burgess of Anglia Velo with 20:43.

In the Gt Yarmouth club 10 last Thursday Richards was the quickest VCB rider with 25:07 and others were Dennington 26:06, Summons 26:07, Darren Newman 26:52 and Mark Womack 27:06.  Joe Skipper won in 22:28 for Norwich Cycling Academy.

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