Reliability trial date is October 23

Yes that’s right – not the 16th as on the published programme.  GYCC have for some time been working on the basis it will be on 23rd!

VCB riders last year - click to enlarge!

Incidentally, Gt Yarmouth CC’s Neil Turner says to their members as follows:-  Sunday 23rd: Holmes cup against VC Barrachi [he means Baracchi!] 50 mile sportive ride. We are approx 10 points behind the Lowestoft club after the first two time trial rounds. Every finishing rider scores one point as long as you finish within 4.5 hours. Come on GYCC we need a BIG turnout please. We want to retain the trophy again!”

I guess that means we ought to take this seriously in VCB as well and try to keep our advantage. The GYCC riders will all be there in force.   It’s a good looking solid silver cup that’s up for grabs and potentially Paul would display it in his shop this year if we win it and wish him to do so.  I hope to see you all there on the 23rd!

N.B. This item has not been published in any other medium and I have altered it by a deletion. Apologies to GYCC for mis-placed jocularity.