Rides on the ice-free roads

Temperatures above freezing have been welcomed by local cyclists as the roads have been free from ice, though with some cold winds.

Velo Club Baracchi’s 8.30am club run on Sunday from the Colville Road roundabout attracted four riders, who set off to the north for an anti-clockwise circuit that included St Olaves, Loddon and Bungay, with a stop at Posh Pigs in Ellough.

Despite the east wind there seemed to be a lot of other riders out, including a group from Rock Estate and quite a number of unrecognised riders passing through on their own rides.

The Wrinklies group that rides on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9am from Carlton Colville church (often dividing into two groups, on a bit quicker than the other) has also been well attended.  Last Friday one of the groups rode about 45 miles, passing through Metfield and returning from the bottom of the hill at Harleston by the low Road and St Margarets.

VCB’s 50-mile reliability trials are this Sunday January 14 from Oulton Community Centre with the following start times: 4 hours at 8.30am, 3.5 hours 9.00am, 3 hours 9.30am.

A Wrinklies selfie by Alex He

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