VC Baracchi concede Holmes Cup to numerous GYCC riders

Velo Club Baracchi conceded victory to Gt Yarmouth CC in the last event of this year’s Holmes Cup competition on Sunday.

Some of the VCB riders

Some of the VCB riders

The pattern of previous years had been repeated, with a big lead for VCB in the 10-mile scratch time trial in May, which was cut down by Yarmouth’s points in the 25-mile handicap one.

Now in this reliability trial, decided by weight of numbers, the Yarmouth club substantially overturned the narrow lead with a mass turn-out of 45 riders to 18 from VCB.

The final tally was VCB 40 points and GYCC 64 points.

Two audax rides from Carlton Colville called “Silly Suffolk” organised by VC Baracchi’s John Thompson also took place on Saturday. One was 201km and the other 166km.

There were 77 entries in all, 53 of which for the longer ride. Thirty-eight started the “201” and 32 finished, while all twenty-one who started the shorter route got round.

Metfield, Eye, Thornton Magna and Framlingham were on both routes but while the “166” riders were continuing through Tunstall and Orford the others went further, to Kettleburgh, Bredfield and Melton to Bawdsey and then via Hollesley and Butley to Orford.

All riders then returned via Eyke, Snape, Leiston, Dunwich, Wenhaston and Uggeshall.

There was light rain on and off in the later part of the ride, but little wind.

VCB’s Kate Churchill and her riding partner, Roger Cortis, were the fastest to complete the ‘201’ in 8 hours and 25 minutes. Their ride was a bit different as they didn’t stop anywhere at the controls and Thompson was able to allow it as they had previously done the ride in the proper way under Audax UK guidelines as helpers, checking the route and details.

• The VCB hill climb is this Sunday at Dove Hill near Wortwell and the club run from the Colville Road roundabout at 8.30am will head out to the venue via the freewheeling competition at Jays Hill, Sotterley

• The VCB AGM will be on Monday November 9 at the Carlton pub in London Road South, Pakefield

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