VCB 100km reliability ride was a success

Velo Club Baracchi ‘s 100km reliability rides from Oulton Community centre on Sunday went ahead despite the frosty conditions and were successfully completed by a select band.

It was an extremely cold start, with temperatures below freezing in some places before the sun managed to raise them a few degrees.

Fourteen riders started and as the organiser John Thompson commented, it was hardly difficult to work out why numbers were significantly down on the previous event. 

John Haigh was the only one who officially rode the 4.5-hours target time.  He came in tenaciously, a little late, having done a minor detour off course and having also had a minor accident with a car door which had floored him.

The biggest group was the 4-hour one, which consisted of Alex He of VCB one Dap CC member, Leon Welford of Plomesgate CC member and six GYCC members including Johnathan Lincoln, Jonny Hawes and Kerstin Langer.  

Alex was the fast of that group, finishing in around 3 hours and 37 minutes.  The five or so others that finished were up to 10 minutes behind him and comfortably inside their target times despite one puncture.

Mark Richards of DAP CC set off alone to ride the 3-hour pace and completed his ride in just 2-47.

Two riders cut short and rode 38 miles, having found the conditions too cold.

Thompson said, “I did ask riders to be careful, which it seems they were as everyone stayed upright, at least in that regard.  Apparently it was only around Heveningham where there was a tricky patch.”

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