Velo Club Baracchi club runs and the Wrinklies

Velo Club Baracchi riders, with no competition going on at present to suit them, are keeping in trim on the road with club runs.

Next year promises to be an interesting one, especially as two of the club’s regular riders have recovered from injury and new members have declared their intention of joining the next season’s time trials.

John Thompson rode last Sunday, following the route of his 100 km audax that he is compiling for next year, setting out through Hulver, Weston and Redisham and Rumburgh to St Cross, where he followed some pleasant Waveney Valley lanes to Mendham and Withersdale Street toward Syleham, turning  but to turn along a ‘first time’ lane to Fressingfield.

He said, “Just after Fressingfield I had the ‘bonus’ of another ‘first time’ lane through a pleasant spot – including 2 cattle grids – called  Chippenhall Green to Cratfield, then Linstead, Halesworth and through Blyford to tolerate the A12 from Blythburgh crossroads to Stephanie’s Kitchen at Wrentham.” After that he rode home via Henstead.

The Tuesday and Friday “Wrinklies” rides remain popular, giving anyone who can get time off in the week, or who is retired, the chance to ride 40 to 45 miles in country lanes and enjoy a café stop on the return leg.  These depart from Carlton Colville church at 9am and are not club-based (i.e. not VCB events).  The Wrinklies are also (and more properly) known as the Over the Hill Gang.  The Wrinklies, who always include some VCB riders, are always welcoming to new riders wishing to join them.

The Wrinklies en route

A "banana stop" for the Wrinklies

Running repairs at Rumburgh for the Wrinklies

The Velo Club Baracchi rides are on Sundays at 8.30am from the roundabout in Cotmer Road.