Dennington and Richards PBs and a team prize for Velo Club Baracchi

Velo Club Baracchi riders were in the money in the Anglia Velo open 10-mile time trial at Earsham on Wednesday last week, earning the team prize and individual veteran prizes from performances that included personal best times.

Paul Dennington took 13 seconds off his best for seventh place overall and Mark “Titch” Richards 21 seconds.

The team prize was won by aggregating the results of Dennington 22:18, John Dupen 23:09 and Richards 23:10 (total 1-08:37).

Dennington won the “veteran on standard” first prize in the age 50-59 category, beating his age standard time with a “plus” of +4:27.  Dupen was third in the same category with +4:23.

John Dupen setting off - photo by courtesy of Fergus Muir

George Kerridge also rode well with 23:68 and Nicki Hawkes, riding for Team VeloVelocity, her first claim club, won the ladies’ first prize in 24:38.

Paul Dennington in the Anglia Velo 10 - photo by courtesy of Fergus Muir

The conditions were very good indeed for fast times and the overall winner was James Hockridge of Colchester Rovers in 21:14 from James Trenchard of the home club (21:23) and Harley Matthews of Strada Sport (21:39).

Titch Richards gets going - photo by courtesy of Fergus Muir

Nicki Hawkes gets away from the start - photo by courtesy of Fergus Muir

The event was also advertised for tandems and the VCB team of John Swanbury and Ali Banks found theirs was the only one entered.  They seemed sure to get a good time as they rounded the turn in just over 11 minutes, but within the next mile the front tyre went flat.

Swanbury (pilot) and Banks (stoker) - photo by courtesy of Fergus Muir

They were still keen to finish despite the loss of time.  Fortunately they were carrying a pump and spare tube so a quick change got them under way after a “pit stop” of five or six minutes, timed in on the line in 28:30.

In the Gt Yarmouth CC club time trial at Somerleyton on Thursday Richards rode a course-best time of 23:25 for second place in the 17-rider event, won by Harley Matthews in 22:27.  This was about 30 seconds faster than his previous best on the course.

Taking the sporting nature of the course into account this was an even better ride for Richards than his faster one of the night before.

Mark Womack achieved 25:51 for fifth place and Swanbury 27:23 for ninth. The fastest of the GYCC riders were Steve Brown 25:58 and Richard Hills 26:14.

Diss CC’s open 25 from Bressingham to the Thetford roundabout and back was run in good weather after the thunderstorms of the night before, with little wind.

Swanbury was the VCB’s only rider, with 1-06:39.  Jack Sears of Stowmarket & District CC won in 54:37, followed by Ian Robertson of Tri Anglia (57:08) and Geoff Frost of Team VeloVelocity (58:22).  Six riders were under the hour on the course, which is made difficult by its hilly nature.

Catherine Essex of North Norfolk Wheelers won the ladies’ prize with 1-05:37.   Brian Davies of Carlton Colville (Anglia Velo) struggled with the changes in gradient and recorded 1-09:15.