Dennington basks in the glory of his PB


Dennington with the Wrinklies

Paul Dennington of Velo Club Baracchi has been receiving congratulations from his club-mates for riding a personal best time achieved by riding at over 25mph average in the CC Breckland time trial on New Year’s Day

He was out again last Friday riding with the Wrinklies, also and more properly called the Over the Hill Gang, which is a little less snappy.  They set off from Carlton Colville church on Tuesdays and Fridays and always include a café stop.

Because of the later start time of 10am and the continuing demand for two cups of tea, the Wrinklies’ range has dropped from 45 to about 35 miles total distance.

On Sunday the black ice at the earlier time was lurking in Carlton Colville for two VCB riders who set out on the club run and duly felled them. 

No harm was done and they stayed on the main roads to Bungay and back instead, resolving to be more prudent like this on cold wintry days.

Judging this episode, the decision by the Wrinklies to start their own rides until 10am during this month and next was probably a good idea.

John Thompson rode an East Anglian CC reliability ride from Horsford village hall and seems to have had no such problems. 

He decided to go for the 3¾-hour group, which turned out to consist of three riders.  He said, “I have to admit I didn’t hold onto the other two for long at all but I got round in around 3 hours and 20 minutes, possibly a little less, which I consider a pretty good predominantly solo effort.” 

The route was Aylsham, Roughton, Felbrigg, Holt, Briston and Saxthorpe back to Horsford.  It was a lovely sunny morning.  Having had to de-ice the car before leaving, he said, “I was a bit ‘edgy’ about the possibility of ice, but no problems.  There are some tough long climbs (for Norfolk anyway) on the route, particularly between Holt and Briston and especially for about four miles from the village of Thornage.”

VCB reliability trials organised by Thompson are this Sunday January 12 with the start and finish at Oulton Community Centre, Gorleston Road.  For a 4-hour ride the start is at 8.30am, for 3.5 hours at 9am and 3 hours at 9.30am.  There will be refreshments.