Riders avoid icy roads

A cold morning and lingering overnight frost cut down the attendance at the 50-mile reliability rides organised by John Thompson for Velo Club Baracchi.

There were eight riders in all, including Duncan Lines and Mike Woods from VCB and a number form Gt Yarmouth CC and VC Norwich.

Everyone got round in their allotted times and stayed upright despite some icy patches.

The three in the 3-hour group took a longer route to avoid the initial lanes to join the route at a later point.

There were four in the 3.5-hour group, followed by Thompson who set off shortly after them. 

Thompson said he got round the 3.5-hour ride with literally two minutes in hand, but considering how slow I was on the initial stages, he considered it a good ride.

He said the worst part was getting to Hulver and Stoven, with frosty spots, as well as three pairs of horse riders who happened along just where the road was bad

Even after Stoven, as the morning progressed, there were patches and Thompson said, “I didn’t ‘let myself go’ properly until the main roads from Homersfield.”

Thompson had warmed up for this with around 60 miles on Wednesday, following his audax route into Suffolk lanes near Wingfield and Fressingfield and thinking how nice it is to be retired.

At least two of the club’s riders, sticking to roads that would have been salted, headed north.  One enjoyed a cup of tea and a cake at Winterton but found a headwind had sprung up to make the return a little harder.

The so-called “Wrinklies” rides (which are not club-based) have continued to be popular.  As the start time for these rides on Tuesdays and Fridays from Carlton Colville church have been changed to 10am for January and February they are working out at about 35 miles, which is about ten less than normal.

This Tuesday ten riders took part and any other riders with time to spare on a Tuesday or Friday are welcome to join in.