More about the Chairman’s breakfast

After the Velo Club Baracchi annual presentation evening reported last week a party of the club’s riders and one or two guests set off on the “Chairman’s Breakfast” ride.

Though a few of the club’s riders maintained their training schedule, the riders who chose to accompany the chairman Brian Boxall on this breakfast ride put off more serious riding to another time.

The Chairman at work

A fairly gentle ride to Bungay was followed by a breakfast blow-out meal and a steady ride home.  Everyone enjoyed this light-hearted event.

See also VC Baracchi “Chairman’s breakfast” ride – a set on Flickr

Last Sunday John Thompson attended the annual Lowestoft Wheelers’ reunion lunch, for which he rode out to Rumburgh.

He said, “There were fourteen of us this year.  Some Wheelers Journal reports were passed around from 1933, the year it was formed.  One included a photo of the club run just before leaving – interesting bikes and riding clothes!  There was also a lot of conversation and laughing about acetylene front lamps!”