Training, reliability and also what’s happening in Bungay (?)


Some wonderful sunshine much of the time

Velo Club Baracchi’s programme of winter rides is attracting good attendance and last Sunday’s 9am ride from Cotmer Road was especially popular.

Seven riders took part in this ride and took a circular route via Halesworth and Mendham towards Harleston and back along the Waveney Valley.

The riders at Halesworth

The lure of the Bungay café was irresistible for three of them, who found four of the club’s 8.30am riders already there, so most of them rode back together.

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The first of the reliability trials organised by John Thompson is this Sunday.  The 50-mile ride is from the Oulton Community Centre.  The four-hour ride starts at 8.30am, the 3.5-hour ride at 9am and the 3-hour at 9.30am.  Route details will be available.

There has been much uncertainty as to whether the Godric CC club time trials would take place this season.  Many other club riders rely on them.  A reduced programme had been announced.

Now it seems possible that after all these may not be run under the Godric name, as Mark Elmy, who is the principal of Bungay Cycle School has announced that he has stepped into the void to present a full list of events.

He said, “Starting with a 25 on Saturday March 24 with the first 10 the following Tuesday (the first Tuesday after British Summer Time begins) they continue through until we revert back to GMT.”

He added, “Also on Thursdays I’m adding a 5-mile time trial for speed merchants – or those who want to get faster and at peak season I’m including events for under-16s – in the hope of getting kids in the area interested in our sport, without which our sport has no future!”

However, there is still some confusion as it may be that Godric do still want to run their events and if so some of these would clash.  We will report any further developments.

Further details when they are definite will be added to this website and Mark Elmy can be contacted on for information.

Added to the encouragement and opportunities that Gt Yarmouth CC provides for younger riders this is indeed good news.

VC Baracchi has also been receiving new applications for membership and seems on course for another good year, especially in time trials.